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Adam Heinbuch Schematics

Illustrator: Adam Heinbuch
Copyright: 1999-2001

Back in the late 1990's and early 2000's, prolific artist Adam Heinbuch created some of the most recognizable Star Trek related schematics and ship comparison sheets on the net. Though his website is gone, many of those schematics are now represented here.

With great appreciation to Kris Joosten (Dahak), George Bunch and Darren Wall who provided me with these fantastic schematics. There are plenty of other Heinbuch schematics out there so if you have or know of any, please drop me a line so I can make this as complete an archive of Adam's schematics as possible.

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Akira Class Starship
Ambassador Class Starship
|Akira Class Starship|
|Ambassador Class Starship|
Constitution II Class Starship
U.S.S. Dauntless NX-01-A
|Constitution II Class Starship|
|U.S.S. Dauntless NX-01-A|
The Delta Flyer
U.S.S. Eclipse NX-94359
|The Delta Flyer|
|U.S.S. Eclipse NX-94359|
U.S.S. Frontier NX-80426
Galaxy Class Starship - I
|U.S.S. Frontier NX-80426|
|Galaxy Class Starship - I|
Galaxy Class Starship - II
Galaxy Class Dreadnought - I
|Galaxy Class Starship - II|
|Galaxy Class Dreadnought - I|
Galaxy Class Dreadnought - II
Intrepid Class Starship
|Galaxy Class Dreadnought - II|
|Intrepid Class Starship|
Jem'Hadar Battleship
Jem'Hadar Battleship
|Jem'Hadar Battleship - I|
|Jem'Hadar Battleship - II|
Jem'Hadar Fighter
Jem'Hadar Fighter
|Jem'Hadar Fighter - I|
|Jem'Hadar Fighter - II|
Maquis Raider
Maquis Raider
|Maquis-Raider - I|
|Maquis-Raider - II|
Nebula Class Starship
Nebula Class Starship
|Nebula Class Starship - I|
|Nebula Class Starship - II|
U.S.S. Nightshade NX-79031
Nova Class Starship
|U.S.S. Nightshade NX-79031|
|Nova Class Starship|
Oberth Class Starship
Peregrine Class Fighter
|Oberth Class Starship|
|Peregrine Class Fighter - I|
Peregrine Class Fighter - II
Prometheus Class Starship
|Peregrine Class Fighter - II|
|Prometheus Class Starship|
The Relativity
U.S.S. Sentinel NX-94048
|The Relativity|
|U.S.S. Sentinel NX-94048|
Sovereign Class Starship
U.S.S. Vigilance NX-98602
|Sovereign Class Starship|
|U.S.S. Vigilance NX-98602|
Saber Class Starship
Saber Class Starship
|Saber Class Starship - I|
|Saber Class Starship - II|
Miranda Class Starship
Miranda Class Starship
|Miranda Class Starship - I|
|Miranda Class Starship - II|
Daedalus Class Starship
Constellation Class Starship
|Daedalus Class Starship|
|Constellation Class Starship - II|
Steamrunner Class Starship - I
Steamrunner Class Starship - II
|Steamrunner Class Starship - I|
|Steamrunner Class Starship - II|
Dderidex Class Warbird
Dderidex Class Warbird
|Miranda Class Warbird - I|
|Miranda Class Warbird - II|
Federation Starship Comparison Chart - Front
Federation Starship Comparison Chart - Side
|Federation Starship Comparison Chart - Front|
|Federation Starship Comparison Chart - Side I|
Federation Starship Comparison Chart - Side II
Federation Starship Comparison Chart - Top
|Federation Starship Comparison Chart - Side II|
|Federation Starship Comparison Chart - Top|

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