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Welcome to the Star Trek LCARS Book & Episode Database. On this site, you will be treated to an enormous list of Star Trek books as well as a comprehensive episode guide. However unlike other Star Trek book resources on the web, this site attempts to bring you detailed information and cover images on every title. But more importantly, the list presented here is a reflection of my collection of Star Trek books. My collection currently exceeds 1,100 books in total which has been dubbed and recognized by Paramount as the largest privately held Star Trek Book collection in the universe.

And because of that, you're sure to find certain Star Trek books here that you'll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. This section of the site contains a quick FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) section about the site, my collection of Star Trek books and more. But should you ever have any other questions or comments, feel free to email me any time at

But Cygnus-X1.Net isn't just about finding a Star Trek book, reading about the 700+ episodes of Star Trek (and my reviews of each), or seeing how many books I have in my collection. It's about so much more than that. Currently, we have message forums available for people to post on as well as a chat board for anyone to make use of. And there is more planned for the future. So if you're a fan of Star Trek books, or just a fan of Star Trek, you're sure to find something of interest here.

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Q: Ok, so tell me about your Star Trek book collection.
A. Long ago, in a book store, far, far away... oh, wait...sorry, wrong sci-fi series. Ahem. Back in the summer of 1978, I was walking in a bookstore and came across a Star Trek photonovel book called "The Galileo Seven". I was a budding Star Trek fan at that time, so I quickly plopped down $2.25 (a fortune for a book in those days) and hurried home to digest my first Star Trek book.

For years after that, I would begin to purchase many more Star Trek books - essentially limiting myself to books that caught my attention and books that discussed the science, technology and arrangement of the Star Trek universe.

As I hurled into the 1990's, it struck me that I had amassed quite a large collection of 'Trek' books - numbering close to 500 back then. I thought nothing of it, really. I expected there were hundreds of other books that I didn't have, never heard of, and quite likely would never have the ability to find.

Then the internet exploded on to the scene.

Suddenly, I had the ability to search for books that I didn't have in my collection - and the obsession took off from there. Today, my collection numbers over 1,000 unique books in all. From all accounts and inquiries I've made, this has been dubbed the largest private Star Trek book collection of its kind - anywhere in the known universe.

Since the internet helped me to obtain my ever-growing collection, I wanted to reflect all of my titles - some so rare that I've never come across any other copies other than my own - for all to see, witness and behold.

Other Star Trek book sites exist, like the incredible Complete Starfleet Library which has helped me identify and locate dozens upon dozens of titles that my collection did not have. And while that site is an incredible resource for Star Trek / book fans, I wanted to offer something a little different - images.

Accordingly, the Star Trek LCARS Book Database contains images of every single book in my collection, as well as detailed information about each title. With this, I hope to aid other Star Trek book collectors identify titles that are out there and show them exactly what they are looking for.

Sorry for the long answer, but you did ask...

Q: How often will you be updating the Star Trek book database?
A. I currently keep all of my Star Trek books housed in a customized MS-Access database which uses a LCARS front-end environment that I designed (and sell here and on Ebay periodically). I've developed a method to auto-dump new entries from my local database to this site at the push of a button. So, to answer this question, the site will be updated every time I add a new book to my collection. How's that for real-time service?

Q: Are any of the books your have listed for sale?
A. Yes and No. In my years of collecting, I've obtained many duplicates of the books listed in the database. Some rare, some not so rare. But I often have a Star Trek book or two listed for sale on Ebay. You can see all of my Ebay auctions here. But if you see a book on my list that you are interested in, email me and let me know and perhaps we can work something out.

Q: Are there any books that you're looking for?
A. My list, as large as it is, is still incomplete. There are still a number of books that have eluded me all of this time. And soon, I'll have a section of "Wanted Books" listed with rewards posted to anyone who can find me a copy.

Q: Do you have any affiliation with Paramount and/or the authors of the Star Trek books listed here?
A. No. This site, and the information listed, is for entertainment purposes only. No infringements on the rights of Paramount, "Star Trek" or the authors of the books listed here is intended or intentional.

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