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Own your VERY OWN Star Trek LCARS Book/Movie/Music Database!

Using Microsoft-Access, you too can have the look and feel of a LCARS environment on your PC

For a limited time, you can download your copy of this Database FREE

Right-Click on the files below to begin your download:

Lcars1.Zip - (2,703 KB) Part 1 of 2 of the database file.
Lcars2.Zip - (2,316 KB) Part 2 of 2 of the database file.
LCARS.DOC - (1,022 KB) Database Guide (MS-Word Format)

Nearly two years before the launch of this website, I began developing a database program to contain and track my ever-growing list of Star Trek books. From the beginning, I knew I wanted the database to reflect my love of Star Trek, so what better way than to design an interface that had the look and feel of the LCARS environment? This is the same computer-panel environment we see in all later-day Star Trek series and movies.

Witness the result. Utilizing MS-Access, I've developed a system that has the true LCARS feel, with animated graphics, expandable and customizeable features and limitless storage capabilities. Now I'm offering the database structure for sale. Don't worry - it won't include my list of books (which you can see on this site).

So if you have a large collection of books, movies, cds, collectibles - or anything else - you can now keep track of them using this specialized LCARS database system.

The database is currently set up to list books or movies (any format), but I will customize the system to display whatever you'd like to of charge!

Some of the highlights of the database include:

* Image Capturing * Real LCARS Animations on every menu * Multiple List Printing Options * Multiple Export Options (Excel/Text/PDA/HTML formats) * Searchable Index * Unlimited record-set (based on available disk space) and more!

PLEASE NOTE: Because this is an MS-Access system, you will need Microsoft Access to run this database.

The database is written using MS-Access 2000, but will also work on MS-Access 97 or XP (please specify which version you require). Sorry, Access 2.0 is not supported.

Now for the best part. You get all of this, plus free lifetime support for just: $7.50.

If you prefer to receive the dB via email, there will be (obviously) no shipping/handling charges. If, however, you'd prefer to receive the dB on a CD, the cost would then be $10 total (the $2.50 used to cover the costs of shipping, the CD, jewel case, etc.)

Check out the images below and click the PAYPAL button to purchase your very own, fully functional LCARS database. If you have ANY questions whatsoever, just send me an email.

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Images of the Star Trek LCARS Book Database

Ready to buy?

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