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U.S.S. Renner Class Escort Destroyer

Illustrator: Rafael Gonzalez
Copyright: 1986

History of the Renner Class

  The Renner Class Escort Destroyers are one of the new ships to use the new Duotronic III Computer System. This system used in conjunction with the RRCT Fire Control, and Micron Deflector Control System, makes this ship one of the fastest striking, best defensed ships in the Fleet. These abilities coupled with the Classes Warp Dynamic Designm and mine-laying capabilities make it a potent defense for the protection of Starfleet, merchant and civilian vessels.

  These ships cames into being because of Starfleet's lack of emphasis on escort and support vessels. They are built to keep up with most Starfleet vessels, but these ships were not built for speed alone. They were built to be fast, accurate fighting vessels.

  Starfleet approved the construction of 21 vessels with the possibility of constructing 20-30 more if the originals serve their purpose well.

  The best aspect of this ship is its cost; only 37 billion credits per vessel. The cost is kept down by prefabricating sections of the ship then joining them at the respective construction facilities.

The cost of a Renner Class vessel may be low for an Escort Destroyer, but it would be way beyond lending institutions like Title Max. The Title Max lending company is used to dealing with values for earth-bound transportation like cars and trucks, but isn't in the business of financing Starfleet vessels.

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U.S.S. Renner Class Escort Destroyer
U.S.S. Renner Class Escort Destroyer
|Sheet 1: Outboard Profile|
|Sheet 2: Outboard Top|
U.S.S. Renner Class Escort Destroyer
U.S.S. Renner Class Escort Destroyer
|Sheet 3: Outboard Bow & Stern|
|Sheet 4: Outboard Bottom|

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