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U.S.S. Enterprise Space Cruiser

Illustrator: Unknown (Assumed to be Matt Jeffries)
Copyright: 1966


The U.S.S. Enterprise is a spaceship, official designation "starship." Somewhat larger than a present-day naval cruiser, it is the largest and most modern type vessel in the Starfleet Service. It has a crew of 430 persons, approximately one-third of them female.

The "saucer section' of the vessel (at the top of which is our command bridge) is eleven decks thick at the center. The engineering section (to which the two engine nacelles are attached) is equally large and complex, contains at the rear a hanger deck large enough to hanger a whole fleet of today's jet liners. Turbo elevators, which can run both vertically and horizontally, interconnect every deck and compartment of this huge vessel.

The Enterprise engines (the two outboard nacelles) use matter and anti-matter for propulsion, the annihilation of dual matter creating the fantastic power required to warp space and exceed the speed of light.

The Enterprise has a secondary propulsion system. These are impulse power engines (same principle as rocket power), located at the rear of the "saucer section." Vessel speed, when using the impulse engine, is less than the speed of light. In case of total failure of all engine power sources, the vessel's gravitational and life support systems can be switched to battery power, with a full-load capacity of about one week.

Hyper-light speeds or space warp are measured in WARP FACTORS. Warp Factor one is the speed of light?186,000 miles per second (or somewhat over six million miles per hour). Warp Factor two is actually eight times the speed of light; Warp Factor three is twenty-four times the speed of light; Warp Factor four is sixty-four times the speed of light, and so on. Maximum safe speed is Warp six.

Even a yacht charter cruise cannot compare to the smooth ride of a starship like the Enterprise. A luxury yacht charter may be considered luxurious travel on Earth, but a starship is the height of luxury in space travel.

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U.S.S. Enterprise
U.S.S. Enterprise
|Sheet 1: U.S.S. Enterprise External Views|
|Sheet 2: Aircraft Carrier Comparison / Deck Layout|
Enterprise Hangar Deck
Enterprise Hangar Deck
|Sheet 3: Hangar Deck Layout - Side|
|Sheet 4: Hangar Deck Layout - Front|
Enterprise Shuttlecraft
Enterprise Shuttlecraft
|Sheet 5: Shuttlecraft - Left View|
|Sheet 6: Shuttlecraft - Interior Plan|

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