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Oberth Class NX-602
Starship Prototype

Illustrator: David Schmidt / Tim Palgut / Strategic Design
Copyright: 2007


The following blueprints/schematics were created by the former Strategic Design company founded by David Schmidt; the illustrator of the famed U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701A Deck Plans.

Unfortunately, SD is no longer in operation and, due to the incredible quality of these blueprint sets, few are ever put up for sale.

Despite the shut-down of SD, only a couple of samples of each SD blueprint set will be presented here on Cygnus-X1.Net.

The Oberth Class plans consist of seven 11"x17" sheets.

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Oberth Class NX-602
Oberth Class NX-602
|Sheet 1: Dorsal/Port Views|
|Sheet 2: Forward/Aft/Ventral Views|
Oberth Class NX-602
Oberth Class NX-602
|Sheet 3: Cross Section / Deck Directory|
|Sheet 4: Decks 1-3 / Symbol Chart|
Oberth Class NX-602
Oberth Class NX-602
|Sheet 5: Decks 4-6 / Internal Systems|
|Sheet 6: Decks 7-11 / Internal Systems|
Oberth Class NX-602
|Sheet 7: Symbol Chart|

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