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Star Trek Blueprints: Merchantman Federation Class J

Illustrator: L. Allen Everhart, Jr.
Copyright: (c) 1986


Specifications of the Merchantman Federation Class J Type 3

   The Class J Merchantman was produced in several star systems. The most prolific being the Merimar Ship Works of Rigel IV.

   1,827 vessels in 6 types were built from 2157 to 2175. 1,609 vessels are still registered in service (Data on file at the Federation Maritime Authority, Sol).

   It is expected that as much as 75% of these vessels will see service into the next century.

   Other major contractors were eradict industries (Sol - 340 vessels), T'Ndaris Star Vessels Ltd. (Vulcan - 281 vessels), & Cochrane Industries (A. Centari - 193 vessels).

   Total Production: 2,641 vessels
   Still in Service: 1,937 vessels

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Merchantman Federation Class J

Merchantman Federation Class J

|Sheet 1: Starboard Profile|

|Sheet 2: Dorsal Plan|


Merchantman Federation Class J

Merchantman Federation Class J

|Sheet 3: Ventral View|

|Sheet 4: Bow & Stern Elevations|


Merchantman Federation Class J

|Sheet 5: Interior Profile & Partial Deck Plan|


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