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The Next Generation












Patrick Stewart
[Captain Picard]

Jonathan Frakes
[Cmdr. Riker]

Brent Spiner
[Lt. Cmdr. Data]

LeVar Burton
[Lt. Cmdr. LaForge]

Michael Dorn
[Lt. Worf]

Marina Sirtis
[Counselor Troi]

Gates McFadden
[Dr. Crusher]

Wil Wheaton
[Wesley Crusher]

Diana Muldaur
[Dr. Pulaski]

Denise Crosby
[Lt. Yar]


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Production #

Star Date

Air Date

Redemption, Part II20145020.49/21/1991
Ensign Ro20345076.310/5/1991
Silicon Avatar20445122.310/12/1991
The Game20645208.210/26/1991
Unification, Part I20845233.111/2/1991
Unification, Part II20745245.811/9/1991
A Matter of Time20945349.111/16/1991
New Ground21045376.31/4/1992
Hero Worship21145397.31/25/1992
The Masterpiece Society21345470.12/8/1992
Power Play21545571.22/22/1992
The Outcast21745614.63/14/1992
Cause And Effect21845652.13/21/1992
The First Duty21945703.93/28/1992
Cost Of Living22045733.64/18/1992
The Perfect Mate22145761.34/25/1992
Imaginary Friend22245852.15/2/1992
I Borg22345854.25/9/1992
The Next Phase22445092.45/16/1992
The Inner Light22545944.15/30/1992
Time's Arrow, Part I22645959.16/13/1992

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