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The Next Generation












Patrick Stewart
[Captain Picard]

Jonathan Frakes
[Cmdr. Riker]

Brent Spiner
[Lt. Cmdr. Data]

LeVar Burton
[Lt. Cmdr. LaForge]

Michael Dorn
[Lt. Worf]

Marina Sirtis
[Counselor Troi]

Gates McFadden
[Dr. Crusher]

Wil Wheaton
[Wesley Crusher]

Diana Muldaur
[Dr. Pulaski]

Denise Crosby
[Lt. Yar]


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Production #

Star Date

Air Date

The Ensigns of Command14943133.39/30/1989
The Survivors15143142.410/7/1989
Who Watches The Watchers15243173.510/14/1989
The Bonding15343198.710/21/1989
Booby Trap15443205.610/28/1989
The Enemy15543349.211/4/1989
The Price15643385.611/11/1989
The Vengeance Factor15743421.911/18/1989
The Defector15843462.512/30/1989
The Hunted15943489.21/6/1990
The High Ground16043510.71/27/1990
Deja Q16143539.12/3/1990
A Matter of Perspective16243610.42/10/1990
Yesterday's Enterprise16343625.22/17/1990
The Offspring16443657.03/10/1990
Sins of the Father16543685.23/17/1990
Captain's Holiday16743745.23/31/1990
Tin Man16843779.34/21/1990
Hollow Pursuits16943807.44/28/1990
The Most Toys17043872.25/5/1990
Ménage à Troi17243930.75/26/1990
The Best of Both Worlds, Part I17443989.16/16/1990

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