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Rush - Red Star: Tribute to Rush

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Released: September 14th, 1999
Highest Billboard Chart Position: Did Not Chart
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Track Listing

1. Anthem (4:14)
performed by Engrave Speed Death

2. Working Man (2:46)
performed by Killing Field

3. Bastille Day (3:44)
performed by Shallows of the Mundane

4. Subdivisions (5:43)
performed by Hostile Intent

5. What You're Doing (3:54)
performed by Hate Theory

6. Tears (3:56)
performed by Capital 2

7. Passage to Bangkok (4:08)
performed by Scary German Guy

8. Tom Sawyer (4:04)
performed by Disarray

9. Temples of Syrinx (4:02)
performed by Blood Coven

10. Freewill (5:23)
performed by Mythiasin

11. Red Barchetta (6:24)
performed by Prototype

12. The Spirit of Radio (4:37)
performed by Premonition