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Sweet Miracle
off the album
Released: May 2002

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S W E E T   M I R A C L E

Produced by Rush and Paul Northfield

Mixed by David Leonard

From the album Vapor Trails in stores May 14th

2002 Atlantic Recording Corporation and Anthem Entertainment

All Rights Reserved.

Track Listing (click on any track for the lyrics)

1. Sweet Miracle (3:40)

Sweet Miracle

I wasn't walking on water
I was standing on a reef
When the tide came in
Swept beneath the surface
Lost without a trace
No hope at all
No hope at all

Oh - sweet miracle
Oh - sweet miracle
Of life

I wasn't walking with angels
I was talking to myself
Rising up to the surface
Raging against the night
Starless night

Oh - sweet miracle
Love's sweet miracle
Of life

Oh salvation
Oh salvation

I wasn't praying for magic
I was hiding in plain sight
Rising up from the surface
To fly into the light

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Rush: Sweet Miracle
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Rush: Sweet Miracle