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I Am The Spirit
off the album
Released: January 1996

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I   A M   T H E   S P I R I T

Lyrics: Alex Lifeson
Music: Alex Lifeson & Bill Bell (Lerxst Music Inc.)

Produced by Alex Lifeson

Executive Production by Lerxst
From Atlantic Records #82852, VICTOR

Promo Copy - Not For Sale.

1996 Atlantic Recording Corporation. All Rights Reserver.

Track Listing (click on any track for the lyrics)

1. I Am The Spirit [Radio Edit] (4:46)
2. I Am The Spirit [Album Version] (5:31)

I Am The Spirit
I am the star-filled sky in winter
I am the starry-eyed who stares
I am the cold, grey rock of mountains
I am the one whole climbs those stairs
I am-the sea, so calm yet fearsome
I am-the one to seize the chance
I am-the air so pure yet foul
I am-the one who takes a stance
All you have is what there is
All there is, is what you make
All you make is all there is
All for your own sake
I am the building, tall and handsome
I am the builder, the one who cares
I am the painting on the canvas
I am the painter, the one who shares
I am-the trees, so strong and silent
I am-the earth, all life to give
I am-the sun, both lover and killer
I am-the child, through you, I live
I have a need for building on tomorrow
I have a need to begin today
I have no time for living some past sorrow
I just want to get on my way
I need to have strength in my conviction
I need to have the final say
I need to make sense in my selection
I just want to get on my way
You only have you
I only have me
You lonely with you
Me lonely with me
You can give it to me
I can take it from you
You'll always have it from me
We'll be always
I am the wind, both warm and freezing
I am the truth, not always fair
I am the clouds, static yet fleeting
I am the heart, a burden to bear
I am-the main for all the seasons
I am-the boy who never fears
I am-the woman who knows all the reasons
I am-the girl who sheds the tears

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Conceptualized Cover
Alex Lifeson: I Am The Spirit
Alex Lifeson: I Am The Spirit
Alex Lifeson: I Am The Spirit