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Half the World
off the album
test for echo
Released: September 1996

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Liner Notes

H A L F   T H E   W O R L D

(Lee, Lifeson & Peart; Core Music Publishing, SOCAN)

Produced by Peter Collins and Rush
Arrangements by Rush and Peter Collins

PRCD #6930 From Atlantic Records #82925 TEST FOR ECHO

1996 Atlantic Recording Corporation and Anthem Entertainment.

Track Listing (click on any track for the lyrics)

1. Half the World (3:43)

Half the World

Half the world hates
What half the world does every day
Half the world waits
While half gets on with it anyway

Half the world lives
Half the world makes
Half the world gives
While the other half takes

Half the world is
Half the world was
Half the world thinks
While the other half does

Half the world talks
With half a mind on what they say
Half the world walks
With half a mind to run away

Half the world lies
Half the world learns
Half the world flies
As half the world turns

Half the world cries
Half the world laughs
Half the world tries
To be the other half

Half of us divided
Like a torn-up photograph
Half of us are trying
To reach the other half

Half the world cares
While half the world is wasting the day
Half the world shares
While half the world is stealing away

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Conceptualized Cover
Rush: Half the World
Rush: Half the World
Rush: Half the World