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Neil Peart: Taking Center Stage

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Neil Peart: Taking Center Stage
A Lifetime of Performance Retrospective Book

   In celebration of the upcoming October 15th release of Hudson's Music's new book, Neil Peart: Taking Center Stage by Joe Bergamini, Hudson Music and Cygnus-X1.Net are sponsoring a fantastic contest where five lucky winners will receive an autographed item from Neil Peart himself.

   This companion book to last year's instructional DVD of the same name includes:
  • Fifteen chapters devoted to Neil's musical approach and equipment on every Rush tour since 1975.
  • Note-for-note drum transcriptions of 17 songs taken from the Taking Center Stage: A Lifetime of Live Performance DVD, including Rush classics like "Tom Sawyer," "YYZ," "The Spirit of Radio," "Free Will," "Subdivisions," "Time Stand Still," "Marathon," "La Villa Strangiato," and many others.
  • Detailed text from both Neil and author Joe Bergamini, explaining his equipment and his approach to the songs.
  • Exclusive photos, some never before published, showing Neil and his drums in vibrant detail.
  • Detailed diagrams and explanations of all of Neil's drum sets.
  • Other interesting images, such as Neil's Modern DrummerŪ magazine covers and print advertisements from DW, Tama, Sabian, Ludwig, Pro-Mark, and Zildjian.
  •    A sample edition of the new book is available at this LINK. For more information on the release of the book, please click HERE.

       The available prizes include:
  • A "Bubbas" Coffee Mug.

  • Neil Peart's novel Far and Away: A Prize Every Time.

  • The closing statement Neil wrote for the Taking Center Stage DVD, printed on parchment paper and framed.

  • Two large posters of the Anatomy of a Drum Solo DVD cover.
  •    All Prizes Have Been Autographed by Neil Peart!
    In order to enter the contest, you must fill out the entry form below and correctly answer three trivia questions about Neil. Winners will be selected at random from all successfully completed entries. Some additional contest guidelines:
    1. Contest is open to Rush fans and non-fans alike the world over.
    2. Only one entry per email address will be accepted.
    3. Any incomplete entries will be discarded.
    4. Contest ends on October 15th, 2012

    Taking Center Stage Promotional Contest Entry Form
    All fields must be filled out in order to be included in the drawing. All submitted information will remain confidential and will not be distributed to any third-party.

    Full Name

    Street Address:


    Email address

    Trivia Questions

    Question 1: What percussion instrument did Neil use only on the Counterparts tour, and then remove from his kit (The acoustic instrument; not including digital samples of its sound)?

    Question 2: How many bass drums did Neil use on the Roll the Bones tour?

    Question 3: What was the color of Neil's drumset for the Counterparts tour?

    Good Luck, Everyone!