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The Classical Tribute to Rush: Through The Prism

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Released: April 3rd, 2007
Highest Billboard Chart Position: Did Not Chart
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What can be said about Rush that hasn't been said already? They have won more praise and awards for their work than can be catalogued here. One of the top-selling rock bands of all time, Rush has one of the largest and most dedicated fanbases in the world. And, they have been going non-stop for over thirty years. Yeah, that sums it up quite nicely.

Since Exit Stage Right: The String Quartet Tribute to Rush, Vitamin Records has raised the stakes for paying tribute to Canada's favorite sons. The first album was a smash amongst fans and was soon followed by the ambitious tribute to Rush's magnum opus, 2112. More hit tributes were to come and with each record Vitamin surprised the fans with their dedication to the craftsmanship of the godfathers of modern, progressive music. With this collection, Vitamin has highlighted 14 of the best tracks from these tributes. It is an essential collection for any Rush fan and any fan of Vitamin Records' captivating tributes.

Tracks 1, 8, 12, 13
Arranged, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Todd Mark Rubenstein at TMR Productions.
1st Violin - David Davidson
All Remaining Instrumentation - Todd Mark Rubenstein

Tracks 2, 5, 9, 14
Arranged, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Todd Mark Rubenstein
Cello, bass - Todd Rubenstein
Violin, viola - Paul Tobias
Violin, viola - Patricia Tobias
Cello - Andre Janovich
Violin - Barry Sines
Violin - Dan Furmanik
Bass - Thomas Saunders

Tracks 3, 6, 10
Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Edited, and Arranged by Eric Helmuth at EricH Sound, Pork Chester, NY
Violin - Dave Keen
Harpsichord, Pipe Organ - Brian Knox
French Guitar - Jim O'Gara
Bass - Joe Ferry
Drums, Percussion - Eric Helmuth

Tracks 4, 7, 11
Produced, Performed, and Mastered by Todd Mark Rubenstein at TMR Productions

Executive Producer - Alexandra Koumoundouros
Project Coordinator - James Curtiss
Art Direction and Design - Marcel Blanco

Track Listing

1. 2112 Overture (4:27)
2. Xanadu (8:36)
3. Closer To The Heart (3:48)
4. Red Barchetta (6:18)
5. The Spirit of the Radio (5:01)
6. Witch Hunt (5:57)
7. Subdivisions (5:25)
8. Presentation (4:05)
9. Freewill (3:18)
10. Distant Early Warning (4:05)
11. The Trees (4:45)
12. Soliloquy (2:30)
13. Grand Finale (2:45)
14. Jacob's Ladder (6:17)