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U.S.S. Ianar NCC-3214
Fast Frigate

Illustrator: Rafael Gonzalez
Copyright: 1987

Background of the Ianar Class

The vessels of the Ianar Class Fast Frigates, although conceived in the late 2270's, still hold an important position in today's Starfleet.

These ships were designed and built to be extremely agile, very fast, and very tough. This is due to its mission, which would include rapid response, and "surgical strike" missions. Another factor in its design is the ability to sustain heavy damage and continue to fight. This is why her torpedo tubes are to the back, side, and below the primary hull (this also provides a small cross section to enemy vessels.)

All these aspects are completed by a large number of tactical combat craft.

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U.S.S. Ianar Fast Frigate
U.S.S. Ianar Fast Frigate
|Sheet 1: Outboard Profile|
|Sheet 2: Outboard Top|
U.S.S. Ianar Fast Frigate
U.S.S. Ianar Fast Frigate
|Sheet 3: Outboard Bow|
|Sheet 4: Outboard Stern|
U.S.S. Ianar Fast Frigate
U.S.S. Ianar Fast Frigate
|Sheet 5: Outboard Bottom|
|Sheet 6: Supplement Sheet|

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