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Powell Class WS-07R
Long-Range Warpshuttle

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Illustrator: Scott W. Bell / Starship Dynamics
Copyright: 1995 / 2016


4th Edition

The WS-07 Powell class warpshuttle was developed in conjunction with the new Explorer class starship and Operation Frontier. It is similar to a large shuttlecraft, with two major exceptions: it can be self-sustaining for months at a time, and it is capable of speeds approaching warp four. The self-sufficiency and warp capability of the craft make it ideal for numerous roles. It has been used with great success as an ambulance ship, and several are attached to Starfleet One as executive yachts for the Federation President or other dignitaries. About these schematics: This warpshuttle is outfitted as a mobile Critical Care Unit attached to the Starbase 99 Hospital Station, 17th Medical Unit. This high-quality packet consists of four 11"x17" fold-out sheets with 5 external views of the craft, as well as a detailed internal layout and cross-section. It is available for purchase at Amazon.

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Jarvik Class Type M Medivac Shuttle
Jarvik Class Type M Medivac Shuttle
|Sheet 1: Outboard Profile|
|Sheet 2: Outboard Top Plan|
Jarvik Class Type M Medivac Shuttle
Jarvik Class Type M Medivac Shuttle
|Sheet 3: Outboard Bottom Plan|
|Sheet 4: Outboard Fore/Aft Plans|

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