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Romulan Destroyer
Pollux Class

Pollux Class Romulan Destroyer Blueprints

Illustrator: Don W. Shanks
Copyright: 1995


The basic Romulan Scientific Research vessel (similar to the Federation's Oberth class) has been modified in the past decade into a new class of warship - the Destroyer; and given the following Federation codename: Pollux. The Pollux entered Romulan Star Navy service as a prototype nearly 15 years ago. Since then, forty some examples are known to have been built and operational. While no examples have ever been captured by Starfleet, the following information was provided by the Klingon Empire recently, from one of their covert operations into the Romulan Empire.

Disruptor emitters are hidden behind hatch covers so as to let any potential enemy be in doubt as to what type of ship they are dealing with. Extreme caution must be exercised when one of these vessels is encountered.

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Pollux Class Romulan Destroyer Blueprints
Pollux Class Romulan Destroyer Blueprints
|Sheet 1: Side and Cut-Away Views|
|Sheet 2: Top and Bow Views|
Pollux Class Romulan Destroyer Blueprints
|Sheet 3: Bottom & Rear Views|

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