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- Star Trek Book List -
Scientific Works

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20th Century Computers and How They Worked: The Official Starfleet History of Computers
Jennifer Flynn
The Physics of Star Trek
Lawrence M. Krauss
Beyond Star Trek: Physics from Alien Invasions to the End of Time
Lawrence M. Krauss
The Metaphysics of Star Trek
Richard Hanley
Star Trek Science Logs
Andre Bormanis
The Biology of Star Trek
Susan Jenkins, M.D. and Robert Jenkins, M.D., Ph.D.
To Seek Out New Life: The Biology of Star Trek
Athena Andreadis, Ph.D.
The Computers of Star Trek
Lois Gresh and Robert Weinberg
A Tribble's Guide to Space: How to Get to Space and What to do When You're There
Alan C. Tribble
I'm Working on That: A Trek From Science Fiction to Science Fact
William Shatner with Chip Walter

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