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Star Trek Blueprints: Federation Reference Series: 1 Blueprints/Schematics

Illustrator: Aridas Sofia, editor
Copyright: 1985


First in a six-set series of various Star Trek related ship blueprints and diagrams, uniform patterns and weaponry schematics.
Click on any thumbnail image below to view the larger image

Ptolemy Class Transport/Tug

Ptolemy Class Transport/Tug

|Sheet 1: Ptolemy Class Transport/Tug - Outboard Profile|

|Sheet 2: Ptolemy Class Transport/Tug - Outboard Top View|


Saladin Class Destroyer

Saladin Class Destroyer

|Sheet 3: Saladin Class Destroyer - Outboard Profile|

|Sheet 4: Saladin Class Destroyer - Outboard Top View|


Achernar Class Heavy Cruiser

Achernar Class Heavy Cruiser

|Sheet 5: Achernar Class Heavy Cruiser - Outboard Profile|

|Sheet 6: Achernar Class Heavy Cruiser - Outboard Top View|


Federation Class Dreadnought

Federation Class Dreadnought

|Sheet 7: Federation Class Dreadnought - Outboard Profile|

|Sheet 8: Federation Class Dreadnought - Outboard Top View|


Avenger Class Heavy Frigate

Avenger Class Heavy Frigate

|Sheet 9: Avenger Class Heavy Frigate - Outboard Profile|

|Sheet 10: Avenger Class Heavy Frigate - Outboard Top View|


Ceremonial Robe - Klingon Naadan Priest

Combat Garment - Klingon Imperial Strike Force

|Sheet 11: Ceremonial Robe - Klingon Naadan Priest|

|Sheet 12: Combat Garment - Klingon Imperial Strike Force|


Phasers: Agronska 10 & Marfak

Phasers: Marfak

|Sheet 13: Phasers: Agronska 10 & Marfak "Sting" Model Two|

|Sheet 14: Phasers: Marfak "Sting" Model One|


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