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The Original Series










William Shatner
[Captain Kirk]

Leonard Nimoy
[Cmdr. Spock]

DeForest Kelley
[Dr. McCoy]

James Doohan
[Lt. Cmdr. Scott]

George Takei
[Lt. Sulu]

Walter Koenig
[Ensign Chekov]

Nichelle Nichols
[Lt. Uhura]

Majel Barrett
[Nurse Chapel]


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Production #

Star Date

Air Date

Amok Time343372.79/15/1967
Who Mourns For Adonais?333468.19/22/1967
The Changeling373451.99/29/1967
Mirror, Mirror39Unknown10/6/1967
The Apple383715.310/13/1967
The Doomsday Machine354202.910/20/1967
I, Mudd414513.311/3/1967
Journey To Babel443842.311/17/1967
Friday's Child323497.212/1/1967
The Deadly Years403478.212/8/1967
Wolf In The Fold363614.912/22/1967
The Trouble With Tribbles424523.312/29/1967
The Gamesters Of Triskelion463211.71/5/1968
A Piece Of The Action494598.01/12/1968
The Immunity Syndrome484307.11/19/1968
A Private Little War454211.42/2/1968
Return To Tomorrow514768.32/9/1968
Patterns Of Force522534.02/16/1968
By Any Other Name504657.52/23/1968
The Omega Glory54Unknown3/1/1968
The Ultimate Computer534729.43/8/1968
Bread And Circuses434040.73/15/1968
Assignment: Earth55Unknown3/29/1968

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