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The Original Series










William Shatner
[Captain Kirk]

Leonard Nimoy
[Cmdr. Spock]

DeForest Kelley
[Dr. McCoy]

James Doohan
[Lt. Cmdr. Scott]

George Takei
[Lt. Sulu]

Walter Koenig
[Ensign Chekov]

Nichelle Nichols
[Lt. Uhura]

Majel Barrett
[Nurse Chapel]


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Production #

Star Date

Air Date

The Cage1UnknownNot Aired
The Man Trap61513.19/8/1966
Charlie X81533.69/15/1966
Where No Man Has Gone Before21312.49/22/1966
The Naked Time71704.29/29/1966
The Enemy Within51672.110/6/1966
Mudd's Women41329.810/13/1966
What Are Little Girls Made Of?102712.410/20/1966
Dagger Of The Mind112715.111/3/1966
The Corbomite Maneuver31512.211/10/1966
The Menagerie, Part I163012.411/17/1966
The Menagerie, Part II163013.111/24/1966
The Conscience Of The King132817.612/8/1966
Balance Of Terror91709.212/15/1966
Shore Leave173025.312/29/1966
The Galileo Seven142821.51/5/1967
The Squire Of Gothos182124.51/12/1967
Tomorrow Is Yesterday213113.21/26/1967
Court Martial152947.32/2/1967
The Return Of The Archons223156.22/9/1967
Space Seed243141.92/16/1967
A Taste Of Armageddon233192.12/23/1967
This Side Of Paradise253417.33/2/1967
The Devil In The Dark263196.13/9/1967
Errand Of Mercy273198.43/23/1967
The Alternative Factor203087.63/30/1967
The City On The Edge Of Forever283134.04/6/1967
Operation -- Annihilate!293287.24/13/1967

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