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Deep Space Nine












Avery Brooks
[Captain Sisko]

Nana Visitor
[Col. Nerys]

Rene Auberjonois

Terry Farrell
[Lt. Cmdr. Jadzia Dax]

Michael Dorn
[Lt. Cmdr. Worf]

Colm Meaney
[Chief O'Brien]

Alexander Siddig
[Dr. Bashir]

Armin Shimerman

Cirroc Lofton
[Jake Sisko]

Nicole deBoer
[Ezri Dax]


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Production #

Star Date

Air Date

The Way of the Warrior, Part I47349011.410/7/1995
The Way of the Warrior, Part II47449011.410/7/1995
The Visitor47649037.710/14/1995
Hippocratic Oath47549066.510/21/1995
Little Green Men48049201.311/11/1995
Starship Down47949263.511/18/1995
The Sword of Kahless48149263.511/25/1995
Our Man Bashir48249300.712/2/1995
Paradise Lost48449482.31/13/1996
Return to Grace48649534.22/10/1996
The Sons of Mogh48749556.22/17/1996
Bar Association48849565.12/24/1996
Rules of Engagement49049665.34/13/1996
Hard Time49149680.54/20/1996
Shattered Mirror49249699.14/27/1996
The Muse49349702.25/4/1996
For the Cause49449729.85/6/1996
To the Death49649904.25/13/1996
The Quickening49549909.75/20/1996
Body Parts49749930.36/15/1996
Broken Link49849962.46/22/1996

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